9 Items That Should Be On Your Couple Bucket List

couple bucket list

We’ve watched countless romantic flicks and seen how the couples can go adventures of such epic proportions, or simply have fun doing silly things.

A rewarding relationship should be filled with memories and wonderful experience, bringing you and your partner closer together with these shared moments. A great way to do this is to have a Couple Bucket List – a list of items to be struck off one by one, containing stuff that you and your partner wouldn’t normally do. Keeping a list also helps you keep track of the many memories you’ve shared, and things to be spoken about for the many years to come. 

Here are some ideas for you to start bonding over new and exciting adventures!

1. Write each other a letter

couple bucket list

Love letters are a physical memory that will last a lifetime. Take the time to write a handwritten letter, and you can even stick it in an envelope and put it into the mailbox! Both of you will be excited in a few days’ time when you receive them.

Not that great with words? Here are some geeky romantic quotes that can get you started!

2. Cook dinner together

couple bucket list

Food and romance has always been hand-in-hand. Taking cooking lessons together can also be lots of fun for you and your partner, but there’s nothing as special as spending a quiet evening at home with some wine, music, and both of you strapped up in aprons, whipping up your very own recipes.

3. Get each other a personalised or handmade gift

couple bucket list

While diamonds and the latest iPad are pricey gifts that we no doubt would appreciate, nothing really tugs the heartstrings like a personalised gift does. Even something like a simple sketch of your other half acts as more than just a gift, just by letting them know how you appreciate their every detail. Need something even cuter? We absolutely think that the cute factor would be boosted multifold by posing you guys as little LEGO minifigures!

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4. Stay up all night

couple bucket list

Do you still remember when the two of you would talk on the phone into the wee hours of the morning when you just started dating? Most relationships start to lose that magical spark – but do not let that die! Try to replicate that special period of time by planning a fun-filled all-nighter. You could start off with a movie, some chatting, looking back at old photographs, or even a little dance! 

5. Catch both the sunrise and the sunset in one day

couple bucket list

There’s nothing more magical than catching the sunrise or sunset all cuddled up with your partner. However, have you tried catching both in one day? There are lots of stunning sunset spots around the world that you can fit into your travels.

6. Recreate your first date

couple bucket list

It shouldn’t take you that much to recall what you and your partner did on your first date. Replicate everything, all the way from the restaurant, to the attire, to the movie and topics you guys spoke about. Recreate the magic and see how you guys fell in love all over again.

7. Kiss in the rain

couple bucket list

The next time it rains, don't go running into the nearest shelter! Embrace the magical moment and ditch the umbrella – step outside and give your partner a romantic smooch. There are reasons why romantic movies always have this scene!

8. Take a road trip together

couple bucket list

A road trip bonds a couple together like no other – with a mixtape and snacks on the road, you wouldn't even need an end-destination. It’s all about the journey!

9. Put together a time capsule

couple bucket list

Pictures, movies stubs and concert tickets are great mementos for keepsake purposes – so why not place them all in a time capsule for your future selves to enjoy! You could even include letters for your future selves that are due to be open only after a set period of time!


Anything we missed out? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below!

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