Which Disney Character Are You?

disney personality quiz

There are lots and lots of Disney characters - some you love, some you dislike, and some which are just like you!

With the recent release of the LEGO Disney Minifigure Series, it got us thinking - which Disney character do we most closely relate to?

Have you ever thought that your personality is just like Mickey Mouse’s, Donald Duck’s or even Maleficent’s? 

Take a look through and see which Disney character your personality is most similar to!


Buzz Lightyear

disney personality quiz

You love your friends, and wouldn't hesitate to put yourself in awkward and sometimes dangerous situations to show it. While you may tend to experience emotions such as pride and anger, your positive traits such as being heroic, loyal and selfless often shine through - making you a great friend indeed!


Little Green Man (Pizza Planet Alien)

disney personality quiz

You love to hang out with other like-minded people in a group, discussing about the same few things that gets your gears. You and your friends are also at the stage where you almost have telepathic links - communicating in 'ooohs' and 'aaaahs'.



disney personality quiz

You are brave, cheeky, and very athletic. You believe in doing rather than being passive, and you are very clever about doing it. While you might do certain actions that are frowned upon, they are only because you are left with no choice. You are ultimately a good-hearted person, and a great friend to hang out with!



disney personality quiz

Happy, fun-loving and humorous, you are almost never seen without a large smile on your face. You are also a very wise and comforting person, often the one to give advice to your friends when they are down or in trouble. If possible, you'd also offer them a help or two (or three!)



disney personality quiz

You are free-spirited with a passion for adventure and exploration. The mysterious doesn't faze you, and this often gets you into trouble. Nonetheless, your selflessness and compassion often gets you out of these complications - but if they don't, you'll always take full responsibility for your actions.

Plus points if you love singing!



disney personality quiz

You are humorous, though with a very wicked and twisted sense of humour. You are shrewd and know how to write up a mean contract, striking deals and businesses that are of great advantage to you and your peers.



disney personality quiz

You are a tech genius, and your friends and family tend to flock to you for their technical-related problems. You are also an opportunist, and make every setback a motivation to get your further. But you might still be bearing that grudge from years ago…


Mr Incredible

disney personality quiz

You are a family man, and you never fail to put them ahead of everything else. However, you can get stubborn at times, refusing to put aside your pride and even turning down help from your closest friends and family. However, they understand that it’s because of your love for them!


Peter Pan

disney personality quiz

You are adventurous and carefree, and often seeks the thrill and fun that these little escapades bring. You can also tend to be a little childish at times, but all in the name of fun!


Captain Hook

disney personality quiz

You are very determined in what you set out to do, though your methods are sometimes dangerous and brash. You're also always angry at the little things, and rant about it to your friends and brothers. But that’s nothing like a good old rum to cheer you up!



disney personality quiz

You are calculative and meticulous in your actions, and know how to set out detailed planning and strategy to get to the things you want. Everyone wants you to be their group leader in their projects!



disney personality quiz

You are smart, athletic, and a great person to hang out - but only to your friends and ohana. Your close friends love you for who you are, but they also know that you are definitely not someone to be messed around with.



disney personality quiz

You are a dreamer - very imaginative and curious about the world around you. However, your temper and eagerness often gets you into trouble. Otherwise, your adventurous spirit and honest demeanour is very likable, and is something most of your friends like about you!


Cheshire Cat

disney personality quiz

You are a very odd and mysterious person, and most of your friends are unable to you're your intentions behind your every action. You're always happy, however, and though weird, can get strangely likable!


Donald Duck

disney personality quiz

The one thing about you is your uncontrollable temper! You get extremely annoyed at the little things, and will get obsessed over it until it disappears from your sight. However, you are extremely loyal and helpful, and wouldn't bat an eyelid when your friends get into trouble!


Daisy Duck

disney personality quiz

You are fun-loving and understands and appreciate fashion. However, you get bored easily and is extremely naggy and chatty, which may sometimes annoy your friends!


Minnie Mouse

disney personality quiz

You are very sweet and lovable, and is often seen as a motherly figure to the rest of your friends in a group. Kind and loving, you sometimes also get a little naive and trusting, which may get you into trouble!


Mickey Mouse

disney personality quiz

You are mischievous and imaginative, and is often the one getting everyone else into trouble! You tend to seek out the fun option rather than the smart one, which also often gets your loved ones annoyed! Otherwise, you're loyal and great to hang out with as well - and can be seen as the leader of the group.


Which Disney character do you relate most closely to? Let us know in the comments below!

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