Hello (with our little claw hands)!

Thanks for checking out our humble page! This has been a little pet project for the past two months or so - the work required for coding and designing a website was grossly underestimated. Nonetheless, here it is and we hope it's pleasing enough for all your eyes!

What started as a little hobby turned into a side gig for us, with the turning point coming when we chanced upon this awesome site - Fiverr. We started selling our works there at $5 a pop, and slowly discovered a market for it! It has been a great way to feel acknowledged for our work, and this satisfaction really goes a long way.

Then came the time when we figured, why not create our own little digital abode? A website would be great, where I'll be able to write at lengths (where the nature of Instagram and Flickr doesn't permit) about this hobby of mine, and where we'll also be able to put up some of our works here as a permanent gallery. We tinkered around, fiddled with some themes and ideas - and here we are!

This journey of ours has barely just started, and we're decided to be on it for the long run. We're certainly hoping to add in more features on this little site of ours - so do stay connected! :)

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