LEGO Series 14 - Monsters, monsters, monsters!

The Collectible Minifigure Series is and has always been our favourite LEGO series - these little guys never fail to surprise us!

This series in particular has been pleasantly exciting - being the first themed set, we weren't quite sure what to expect.

Is this gimmicky? Aren't these just reprints of the Monster Fighters? I'm afraid they look lame.

Oh were we wrong! These little critters came in so many new pieces in new colours, and lots of great props for our photo taking sessions. We had lots of fun coming up with different vignettes for all 16 of them, and here are some of our favourites :)

I guess you can say his ride's... pretty fly!
I'm just a plant. I'm just a plant.
The Cat Lady's new favourite... is also a Cat Lady.

You can view the rest of the 16 over at our Instagram page!

And they're officially our favourite series now! The Plant Monster and Zombie Cheerleader stood out to us most in particular, but all others had great things about them too - the Gargoyle and its detailed wings, the Fly Monster and its unique headpiece, the Monster Rocker and its new guitar!

Which one of the minifigures from the latest LEGO Series 14 were your favourite?

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