Hola! Stephanie's in the House!

Hi all!

I'm Stephanie, or otherwise known as B2 of the Two Three Bricks, and here's my virgin post! I initially wanted to remain mysterious and hide behind the alias of my minifigure. But B3 Harris asked forced me to do up an introductory post (no points for guessing who is the bad brick here!).

So here I stand, waving my mini claw-hand! Perhaps I shall delve a little as to how we started this hobby. As cliche as it sounds, it was because of The LEGO Movie! Having grown up playing with LEGO ourselves, we were immediately hooked onto these little characters. Truth be told, we were also inspired by the huge collection that 'The Man Upstairs' had amassed in his basement.

The LEGO Movie

And thus began our journey to own a basement like his. Our very first set we got into was of Harris' favourite comic book characters - Batman and The Joker.

Lego 76013 Batman The Joker Steam Roller

After this, we never really looked back, as we tried our best to catch 'em all. Oh sorry, wrong toy group here. ?

As of September 2015,  we have quite a substantial amount of LEGO minifigures around the house. However, our house isn't that huge to begin with, and neither do we have a basement, so it's just lying EVERYWHERE. And by everywhere, I really mean EVERYWHERE. We are kinda like a cat lady with her 10,000 cats in your neighbourhood, except cooler. 

Maybe we can do a post on how we keep our LEGO collection one day!

Our latest collection was the Series 14 Monsters, which we quickly snapped up without much hesitation. I mean, how could we have resisted this adorable Plant Monster?

I'm just a plant. I'm just a plant.

So what was your trigger in starting your LEGO collections? Share in your comments and see you till... Harris asks me to write again!

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