Leaked: LEGO Marvel Hulk Polybag (5003048)!

If you've never taken a liking to those bigfig Hulks, here's some good news - leaked images of a new LEGO Marvel Hulk polybag shows him in the same size as the rest of his Avenger friends. The darker olive green colour here puts it more accurate to its MCU version, looking just as angry as always.

Also contained is a mini SUV that is wrecked, as per anything that gets in Hulk's way, and a small sticker sheet as like the Rocket Racoon (5002145) polybag. With the Toys 'R Us logo plastered on the front, it sure looks to be an exclusive, and poor us in Singapore wouldn't be able to get it (again). Probably have to go through resellers once more - unless any kind soul living in the States can help! ?

As suckers for the Super Hero theme, this definitely looks like a must get for us. How about you guys?

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