October Roundup!


October came and went in the blink of an eye. It's already a month since we've started now!

In what was an unexpectedly, pleasantly busy month, we're really glad to have had the chance to be featured on many press articles, including Cool Material and a nicely-written one at Design Taxi! We even went on some of the French press - it's been really, really humbling so far. 

Here's a quick #LEGOMakeoverRoundup of some of our favourite shots for the month of October!

Diver's suit anyone? (Psst.. she's the author of these books as well!)

The French do know how to relax by the beach!

Here's a huge Patriots fan, and according to his wife, the beanie he puts on all year round!

This guy wanted to recreate his Christmas postcard last year, and here's our attempt!

Here we have three adorable boy scouts!

Here's a nice, quirky family portrait!

"I'll be there for you..."

This huge trek-buff loves his L.L. Bean backpack so much so that we had to include it in the picture!

Here's a cute, high-flying (quite literally!) couple from Belgium!

Who said the caped crusader cannot enjoy a can of Diet Coke every so often?

And to round it all off - we're not even kidding here - this guy asked to be dressed in a chicken suit!


October has been really kind to us, and here's our appreciation to every single one of you who have bought, considered buying, or even dropping by our humble site. 

Here's to bringing more smiles to your faces in November!

With gratitude (and a fist bump), the Two Three Bricks.

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