LEGO Minifigures Series 15: A Quick Look!

lego minifigures series 15

Another LEGO Series, another 16 adorable Minifigures, and another photoseries we had lots of fun doing!

After the Monster-themed Series 14, we were really looking forward to this set of Minifigures with some of the more normal-looking guys (and that shark. Just look at that shark!). We had lots of fun opening the packets and getting pleasant little surprises in each of the packets. The Satyr, the Winged Warrior, the Clumsy Guy (and the shark. Have we mentioned the shark?) are some of our absolute favourites from this series. Without further ado, here are all 16 of them!

lego series 15 tribal girl

Some of these pictures might not make complete sense to you right now - they'll be accompanied by captions over at our Instagram page in just a couple of days, so be sure to check in frequently!

Which is your favourite from this series? 

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