6 Valentines' Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentines' Day is just a little less than a month away! This also means it's time to start looking around for fun and unique gifts for your special someones. While lovely, flowers, chocolates, teddy bears are somewhat of classic clichés, adult colouring books, soap bars and laptop sleeves have also slowly become the clichéd gifts of the modern day.

This year, why not present your loved ones with something personalised and special, eloquently expressing how special he or she is to you. Here's a list of six items you can consider this year for your guys!

For the Sporty

Perfect for storing your bike outdoors, the YardStash III has ample space for great space savings. Will full zippers that protect your man's bikes against the elements of nature, its rugged and industrial look makes it fit right into your backyard as well. Quick and easy to set-up, it's an item definitely worth considering for all bikers out there!

For the Geeky

Cocoon has been a favourite with the guys, with their GRID-IT systems organising all sorts of gear for all sorts of occasions. They've just come out with a new backpack with the same, trusted system, designed to be the perfect daily commute back. Water-resistant and tough, it is one that makes packing, re-packing and travelling effortless - regardless of how many gadgets you may own.

For the Drinker

At a glance, the glass is like any other, but trust us, all guys would be blown away by the sheer accuracy of the USGS representation of Mt. Rainier on its bottom. Lead-free, dishwasher-safe and handmade, Washington's highest peak is molded right into the base of the glass for all the be enjoyed, sip after sip.

For the Stylish

For the guys with an impeccable sense of style, it's always a horror trying to pick out clothes for them. Trunk Club handles this for you with completely no effort require on your part - with a access to a personal stylist who hand-selects samples of premium men's clothing based upon your man's preferences. Everything gets sent over (free shipping) fuss-free in a package for trying. Once he's decided on what he likes, everything is sent back (free as well!) - and you only pay for what you keep. 

For the Minimalist

Keep everything clean and simple with a slim, sleek wallet from Bellroy. With products specially designed bulk and stay slim, these wallets are made from premium leather and features enough room for all his cards and cash while keeping things tidy. With a three-year warranty for most of their products, be assured of their quality.

For All Guys, in General

To be frank, all guys no matter dapper or geeky, are really just boys at heart. A customised LEGO digital photo is sure to win their hearts, especially if they go right down to the details, favourite jersey and styled facial hair included. Starting at just $5, optional add-ons for props, attires, or a special setting are sure to customise it even further. Delight your man with something he'd never thought he'd ever see - him in the form of a Minifigure. 

The photo will be delivered digitally, and the high-res copy that you'll own can be used over and over, bringing a smile to his face for Valentines' Day and beyond. Want to learn more? Head on here for more information!

 if you have any queries, and we'll get back to you in a couple of days tops!


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