Presenting our... Catalogue!

In order to better streamline our efficiency (and to cater to our slight preference for organization), we've always had our pieces separated neatly, with individual sticker labels telling us what goes where. However neat this may have been (it was very!), we didn't have a great way of allowing you guys to browse through and select items you really want in your own personalised prints - akin to that a catalogue.

We've had many requests from some of you lovely folks for a list of our available pieces now, including that for dogs, hair pieces, and even work uniforms. So one weekend, we decided to get down to it - to do up our very own gallery of items!

Getting down to it was simple enough - much underestimated even. "We'll only have our dinner after we're done with it," the two of us proclaimed with gusto on a warm Sunday afternoon.

We had our dinner at 11pm that night... ?

We sorted each of our pieces out - hair, clothes, food, sports, vehicles, animals - almost thousands of them!  Many hours later, we're duper excited to have completed our first version of the catalogue - which has already been met with many positive reviews from some of you guys too!

lego dogs

Just 5 of the many photos we took that Sunday!

With something easily shareable with your friends and family, it's also great for when you have absolutely no inspiration of how you wish to doll mini-you up. "How'd I look if I had my hair tied in a bun?" are just one of the many questions we've not received in a while now!

And of course, this is just a first version - a pilot if you will - and we'll be adding so much more to it in time to come. Superhero costumes, Jedi robes, your favourite snacks, and new pieces whenever we acquire them!

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