5 Decor Tips to Give Your Rooms More Personality

home decor ideas for more personality

There’s no place like home that’s as inviting and reflective of your personal taste. It’s your sanctuary, your humble abode, and the place where you relax and recharge - and naturally, it should be oozing your personality! However, that’s not always the case as most of our homes end up looking like a page right out of a catalogue book.

Here are some of our favourite tips to make our homes look and feel more ‘us’ and less template-ish!

1. Take advantage of every room!

home decor ideas for more personality

The minimalist home look may appear really neat and pleasing on the eye, but it’s something we feel is devoid of personality. Where most folks are pleased with throwing together a ‘reading room’ with just a couple of armchairs and a plain bookshelf, we say why not include other decor as well! A simple desk, a nice table lamp, some metal chairs and a rug - these don’t take up that much visual room and can add the extra punch to your study!

2. Be yourself with colours and textures

home decor ideas for more personality

Rather than sticking to colour guides or keeping up with the Pantone Colours of the Year, why not just pick colours that you want! Don’t bother looking at reviews or what the gurus are saying - there’s no better way to bring out your personality than colours that make you feel good, is there?

It’s exactly the same thing with textures - do not be afraid to layer wood with fabric, felt with matte - just do what comes to your mind naturally. These are fragments of your personality your guests can all enjoy!

3. Devise new uses for your old things

home decor ideas for more personality

Your old collection and items doesn’t have to be thrown out - they can easily be repurposed for that additional touch of uniqueness. Dip-dyeing the legs of your old wooden chairs, embellishing your furniture with washi tape, and many, many more ways. Give your old furniture a facelift and a touch of your personality!

4. Display your personal items

home decor ideas for more personality

These personal items - your old photos, your stamp album (or in our case, a LEGO collection!) - make up unique, one-of-a-kind vignettes that can be displayed in any corner in your house. These help to make out for those items picked out from the catalogue, displaying your own personal styles and tastes in ways otherwise not possible.

5. Go for artwork that catches the eye

home decor ideas for more personality

Rather than going for pieces that can be easily recognised as from IKEA, go for bold, personalised artwork! Grab your guests’ attention before they even have the time to look at your furniture by wowing them with the details in these personal touches. These little pieces add a zing of personality - from your kids’ own artworks to a caricature of your entire family, they’re sure to be a conversation starter for sure!


Have a tip to share? Drop them in the comments below - we'd love to hear how you have your house decor ooze your personality!

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