Geeky Gift Ideas for Your First Anniversary

geeky gift ideas for first anniversary

The first anniversary gift is always the hardest - should you under-promise and over-deliver, or would that set a huge benchmark for you to top year after year?

Puzzled gift-givers (us included!) have always relied on lists and guides for ideas . The guys over at GeekDad have even created one for geeks, right from the first up till your 80th anniversary (we in particular really like year 13’s gifts!).

The first year’s is, however, easily the toughest - but if your other half is a true geek, here are some ideas we have that will be sure to bring a smile upon their faces (and avatars)!

1. Geeky Socks

geeky gift ideas for first anniversary

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Is your partner a Marvel or a DC guy? Star Wars or Star Trek? Pokemon or Digimon? What better way to pledge your allegiance than by wearing them on (not your sleeves, but) your socks! You can even mismatch them for even more geek-titude!

2. Onesies

geeky gift ideas for first anniversary

Take your partner’s geekdom even a step further by dressing them up completely as their favourite characters in a snuggly onesie! A one piece jumpsuit is as comfortable as it sounds, perfect for gaming together through the night, or simply catching up on your favourite series on Netflix. Matching ones work great as well, and there’s really nothing much that is better than cozying up to one another while dressed as furry animals (tails included). And what better say to say FIRST anniversary than a ONEsie (get it? hehe)!

3. Themed Monopoly Sets

geeky gift ideas for first anniversary

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Everyone’s played Monopoly before - though not many may have enjoyed it as much as others had. Give your favourite franchise a chance and it might be more fun that you’d ever imagine. Securing The Three Broomsticks at Hogsmeade or capturing Nidoking for $400 sounds just about right, doesn’t it? There are literally hundreds (or even thousands!) of different themed sets out there in the market, and we’re certain you can find one your partner truly enjoys (just don’t forget to let them win. You wouldn’t want a grudge would you?)

4. Funko Pop Toys

geeky gift ideas for first anniversary

Firstly, let’s just say that these guys are EVERYWHERE - and we absolutely LOVE them. They have licensed almost every single thing out there, ranging from TV shows to movies to comics and the likes. There’s absolutely something for your partner, even if he or she already has a couple proudly displayed on their desks. You could even have one for your partner each anniversary, birthday or special celebration - and we certainly don't see them complaining about it! Our favourite ones? The Disney ones of course (maybe at least until LEGO ones are out)!

5. Personalised Caricatures

geeky gift ideas for first anniversary

Last, but definitely not the least, are (totally unbiased, but they’re what we feel are) the most thoughtful of all gifts - caricatures of your loved ones. Everyone loves a cute representation of themselves, made even better with costume dress-ups of their favourite t-shirts or outfits. Completely personalised and one-of-a-kind, these gifts can be made ultra-special with their loved ones joined in - you dressed as a sidekick, or your pets joining in the fray. Bring some joy to their rooms with this unique piece of gift, and gift the most thoughtful gift this anniversary!


Have any other gift ideas for your geeky partner? Share it with us below!

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