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LEGO Disney Minifigures - All 18 of Them Revealed!

At long last! All 18 Disney Minifigures have been revealed, with the lineup as follows: Top: Syndrome, Ariel, Aladdin, Captain Hook, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck, Maleficent Bottom: Stitch, Ursula, Alice, Chesire Cat, Peter Pan, Mr Incredible, Buzz Lightyear, Pizza Planet Alien, Genie While most of them look really great (Ariel, Syndrome, Maleficent, Pan, and Ursula in particular), we are a little disappointed with some of them (Mickey's torso prints, Mr Incredible's details, and Buzz's head!). Nonetheless, we'll definitely seek to collect all 18 of them (and we'll definitely do up a review and roundup like we did for Series 15!) There'll bound to be more coming up as we're still missing some of the core characters (Goofy...

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Presenting our... Catalogue!

In order to better streamline our efficiency (and to cater to our slight preference for organization), we've always had our pieces separated neatly, with individual sticker labels telling us what goes where. However neat this may have been (it was very!), we didn't have a great way of allowing you guys to browse through and select items you really want in your own personalised prints - akin to that a catalogue. We've had many requests from some of you lovely folks for a list of our available pieces now, including that for dogs, hair pieces, and even work uniforms. So one weekend, we decided to get down to it - to do up our very own gallery of items! Getting...

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