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6 Valentines' Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentines' Day is just a little less than a month away! This also means it's time to start looking around for fun and unique gifts for your special someones. While lovely, flowers, chocolates, teddy bears are somewhat of classic clichés, adult colouring books, soap bars and laptop sleeves have also slowly become the clichéd gifts of the modern day. This year, why not present your loved ones with something personalised and special, eloquently expressing how special he or she is to you. Here's a list of six items you can consider this year for your guys! For the Sporty Perfect for storing your bike outdoors, the YardStash III has ample space for great space savings. Will full zippers that protect your man's bikes against...

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LEGO Angry Birds: A First Look at the Official Photos!

Here's a look at the official photos of the LEGO Angry Birds set, courtesy of our friends over at Brickset! While we're not exactly huge fans of the franchise, they do look like lots of fun (so we might still end up getting some of them)! All six sets will be out in April, and if you can't wait, here's a teaser site for you to find out more about the sets! Here they are, in their full glory. If these aren't enough for you, you can hop on over to the above link for more photos! 75821: Piggy Car Escape 75822: Piggy Plane Attack 75823: Bird Island Egg Heist 75824: Pig City Teardown 75825: Piggy Pirate Ship 75826: King Pig's Castle  ...

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The LEGO Makeover: Felisha Bahr

Felisha and her boyfriend came to us looking for a LEGO makeover, and sent across this adorable photo of themselves. With only simple instructions of dressing them up in "anything related to the University of Oregon", we started work right away.

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