Our Story

We are Harris and Stephanie, the Two Three Bricks!

It might not be too obvious in the picture above, but she is about a foot shorter than him - so in LEGO terms, she's only about two bricks tall. 

Also, we don't really own a real hedgehog, but a plush one - and we call it Biscuitface!

How We Came About

Before we started this page, Harris was playing around with the few LEGO minifigs we had around the house, recreating some of the littlest, sweetest memories we shared.
These got some support and love from people, and we were absolutely excited when we began to receive queries and requests for customised caricatures from our fans!
We've created this page over our love of LEGO® bricks and photography. One grew up a geek, and the other's hooked on television while trying to enrol into Hogwarts since the age of 11.

The Work We Do

We have created many of our customers' caricatures lovingly, letting them give the gift of imagination to their loved ones with our personalised artwork.  You can learn more about our caricatures here.
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