About Our Caricatures

What do we offer?

Ever wondered how you'd look like as a LEGO minifigure? Just send us a photo of you or your recipients, and we'll create mini-versions of you with accuracy! 

Our three options are: Digital versions delivered by email, or high-res physical prints on smooth, matte white paper in 4R and 8R dimensions.

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Here's how it works:

Quality Work

Each image will be carefully constructed with only original LEGO® minifigure pieces, ensuring only the best of colours and print quality in our photographs. With digital touchups and post-processing done in our studios, we guarantee the best and most accurate depictions in our work.

Fast Delivery

From ideation to construction to the photoshoot and post-processing, we take a maximum of only 14 working days before you can get to receive your customised caricatures via email. Besides the regular turnaround, we are also able to provide express 2-day delivery service if you are in urgent need - just let us know!

Guaranteed Smiles

We have recreated thousands of special memories with our service, and are pleased to have also received lots positive feedback on our work. Through each of these collaborations and commissioned pieces, we are also constantly improving and acquiring new construct pieces to our inventory, better enhancing our offerings and quality of our work.

Here are examples of how our fans have used these specially-crafted caricatures for:

  • As their social media avatars
  • Framed up in their homes
  • For the resumes as a creative headshot
  • Fun festive postcards for any occasion
  • Special announcements, such as engagements and baby showers
  • Celebratory cards, for birthdays and anniversaries
  • Farewell cards
  • ...and many more! 

Sounds like something you want? Let us know how we can help!

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Your Favourite Items

We'll be able to add a number of different props for your minifigures; everything from your favourite food to your desk set-up, your barbecue grill to something you'd use at work! We'll also try our best to include your pets and toys as well - just let us know!

Be dressed in special attires

Ever wanted to be Batman, complete with a Batmobile and Batarangs? Let us know if you'd like to dress your minifigure up in different attires - from Super Heroes to Star Wars fan favourites, and even Doctor Who, let your imagination run wild! 

We are able to have you dressed similar to what you are wearing, as well as in your work attire - a doctor, lawyer, or even a professional clown! Let us know!

Pose at your favourite spots

We can also have your minifigures be at your favourite places - or even somewhere completely out of this world! With a database of images, allow us to transport you to the Yankee Stadium, Niagara Falls, or even the surface of the Moon for these special recreations.

We'd love to hear from you!

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