The Most Thoughtful Gift, With Love

Simply send us a photo and let us imagine how you'd look like as a LEGO Minifigure! With lots and lots of pieces in our inventory, we'll be able to create yourselves, or your recipients, with accuracy - down to your hairstyles, facial hair, and clothing preference.

We'll then send across the completed caricature photo via email within 14 days - and you'll have in your hands a 100% fun, personalised gift!

Each of our caricatures are created lovingly by us - going down to each and every detail, complete with customisations of your favourite items and attires. 

Chosen as CoolMaterial's Top 12 Most Popular Products of 2015, we have done over thousands of LEGO Makeovers for our customers. Let us wow you with this unique, personalised gift! 

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