Digital Caricature
Digital Caricature
Digital Caricature
Digital Caricature
Digital Caricature
Digital Caricature
Digital Caricature
Digital Caricature

Digital Caricature

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📝 Product Note

The basic caricature comprises of just one figure dressed in a plain coloured top and pants, on a white background with no props. Select the number of figures you'd like in the photo in the field above.

You may upload your photos and select your props/attire/background now, or leave it to later! 

🚚 Express Option

Our turnover time from the confirmation of your order to the final product delivery takes 14 days.

We have Express Options that will get your completed print delivered within 2 days! Drop us an email to find out more.


📸 About the Caricature

A digital caricature carefully constructed from the thousands of pieces we have in our inventory, for you or your special someone. 

High-resolution digital copies at 3000px x 2000px, 300 pixels per inch, these photos will be great for frames, social media avatars, fun postcards, and gifts for your geeky friends! Read more about it here.


📝 Ordering Process

  1. StartingUpload a photo of your recipients, and let us imagine how they'll look like as a LEGO figure
  2. Tell us more: Share with us some about them and what they like, and allow us to come up with something completely personalised!
  3. Get excited: Your one of a kind gift will be ready in 14 days' time, and will be delivered to you via email!

✍️ Nitty Gritty

  • High resolution digital copy at 3000px x 2000px, 300 pixels per inch
  • Great for prints at sizes 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10
  • Soft-copy delivery via email 


🐕 What are Props? 🍗

Props range from anything from a messy office desk to your favourite food, from a motorbike to your pet! Just let us know and we will be able to include it into your photo!

👔 How about Attire? 👗

Want to dress up similar to what you are wearing? Or your uniform at work, or jerseys of your favourite sports teams? We're also able to recreate special moments by putting you in your wedding gowns and suits!

🌅 What are Backgrounds? ⛰

Out in the open on the beach, seated in your office, or just enjoying a sports game at the stadium - just let us know what setting you'd like! We'd even be able to put you on the Death Star if you wish! 


🤔 Still unsure what you want?

Feel free to drop us a message and we will be glad to assist!